Our Pledge

Little Well Paper Co. was built on the belief that the world is made better when people make a tangible effort to show up for one another, express their appreciation, and help others feel seen and loved in both the brightest and darkest moments of their lives.

While this moment in history we’re currently experiencing together is neither novel nor unprecedented, it has made clear that the privilege of being able to choose to ignore issues of racial injustice is a direct barrier to the liberation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in our society. We won’t be using that privilege to stay silent or apathetic. Black Lives Matter, and none of us can be free until all of us are free.

With both our underlying mission and this movement towards racial justice in mind, we’re pledging to be an actively anti-racist and equality-minded company, both in the messages our products convey and in our actions behind the scenes.

Here are some of the commitments we’re making moving forward: 


  • Every month, regardless of profits, we will make a donation to the Loveland Foundation to aid in the healing and empowerment of Black women and girls through free therapy and other resources.
  • Throughout the year we will be donating proceeds from select products to the Marsha P Johnson Institute - a foundation that supports the Black Trans community. 


  • Our team is building weekly justice-minded and anti-racist actions into our work schedules, including text banking for voter turnout, writing to government officials, and working with JusticeLA to dismantle white supremacy at the local level. If there’s ever a cause you think we could help promote or participate in, please email us directly at hello@littlewellpaperco.com — we’d love to contribute to justice-minded projects you care about. 


  • Every person has a sphere of influence, and speaking out on what matters is important no matter how big or small that influence is. We will be using our social media platforms, personal networks, and our connections within the stationery and gift industry to bring attention to issues of injustice and actions that can build momentum for and directly aid Black liberation. 


  • We are analyzing our personal and business budgets to determine where we can spend our money with Black-owned vendors and contractors, and where we can avoid businesses that are directly tied to bigoted ideals and campaigns. 
  • While we’re still a small company with no current plans to expand, if and when the time comes we will make a concerted effort to attract and elevate people of color to positions on our growing team.

As we learn more and expand our understanding of Black liberation and racial justice, we will update this list — it, and we, will remain open and amenable to the changes that are needed to continue this fight.

If you have any questions about our commitments or our mission, please feel welcome to email us — our virtual door is always open at hello@littlewellpaperco.com.